Super Speed Sheffield – Local Business Gets A Speed Boost

Less “information super-highway”, more like “information cart track”

You know how it is, you’re downloading something on the web and your connection starts to grind to a halt and it takes forever to complete

Now imagine that same problem in an office of 20+ staff, who are developing websites, writing mobile apps and uploading them, all with a connection that just about manages 0.5Mbit/s upload speed. This was the problem former KDA office neighbours 3Squared faced when they moved to a larger office to accommodate their rapidly growing team.

Lots of busy developers need a lot of bandwidth

Lots of busy developers need a lot of bandwidth

With an ever expanding team and no options for “Fibre Broadband” 3Squared needed a solution if they were to keep on delivering their world class applications on time to customers. Fortunately we were able to help them out, with a real fibre leased line.

Fibre termination and media conversion

Fibre termination and media conversion

“We’d all been really excited in the office, waiting for our install date to come around and now it’s installed we’re not disappointed. The difference it makes when we’re uploading and downloading is huge.”

James Fox, Commercial Director, 3Squared Ltd.

Real fibre, to your office

With a KDA fibre leased line, you get fibre all the way in to your office meaning we can offer you speeds from 100Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s and that’s not just download either, you can upload just as fast. Fast uploads are essential for today’s creative and digital industries – the sooner you’ve uploaded or downloaded something, the sooner you can be using it/testing it and on with your next task, providing increases in productivity your clients and your bottom line will appreciate.

An End-to-End solution

Our fibre leased lines are easy to use. We provide all the equipment you need to connect to your existing network, pre-configured and if you’re in the Sheffield City Region then we’ll even come out and connect it all up for you, free of charge.

A Juniper SRX router provided by KDA.

A Juniper SRX router provided by KDA.

If you’d like to see how a KDA fibre leased line can help your business please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

An Open Letter to Digital Region

As a small business based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire we take an active interest in what is happening in the region, especially when it comes to anything technology related.  When Digital Region was announced in 2009 we looked forward to seeing the whole of South Yorkshire provided with world-beating broadband speeds and thought what a great asset it would be for the region.  Unfortunately as things progressed slowly we began to realise that it wasn’t going to be all that we had hoped for, especially when we looked at the commercials from an ISP perspective.

Jumping forward a few years we recently tried to get ourselves connected to Digital Region as our current broadband provider (Be There) have had a number of issues over the last year and we’ve had enough and Origin Broadband were offering a “max” product that could see our very short line achieve speeds of >100Mbit/s down and >20Mbit/s up.  Unfortunately this just highlighted how wrong things are with Digital Region at the moment and we can no longer hold back our thoughts on the whole issue.  With this in mind, we have written an open letter to Digital Region which you can find below:

An Open Letter to Digital Region (pdf, ~310KB).

We really want to see Digital Region succeed and fulfil its initial promises, we hope that this will spark useful and interesting debate on the subject and lead to changes and improvements at all levels.