KDA knocks spots off the competition for their commitment to customer service and is the only host that has consistently delivered to us on their service level guarantees.Etre

Customer Support

Tel: 0800 542 9764

Getting support should be a painless experience and our aim is that should you ever need to contact our support team, we’ll make the experience as quick and easy as possible. You won’t have to make an expensive call to get support and you won’t be bounced around 10 departments. If you contact us, the person you speak to will take ownership and get your problem sorted.

We provide telephone support between 9:00am and 5:30pm daily, outside of these hours we provide an emergency service, for example if you have a critical problem that is disrupting your business (your website or server has gone down), then we want you to call us, although we’ll probably already be working on the problem before you even notice it.

Our preferred method of providing support is via our ticket system, which you can access via email or our web-based user interface. We prefer this method because it allows us to keep track of an issue in full detail, which can be especially useful if a similar issue ever arises in the future. Our ticket system also allows us to exchange files with you, as well as schedule follow-ups and perform maintenance procedures.

(Please be aware that many companies claim to offer ’24-7′ support, what this usually means is you can call and leave a message or submit a trouble ticket 24 hours a day)

We aim to reply and solve all issues within 60 minutes during business hours. Outside of business hours we aim to resolve all urgent service affecting issues within 60 minutes. All issues called through to us will be dealt with when you call unless they require further investigatory work which we won’t keep you on the phone for.

…and what are the most common reasons our customers call our support line?

Usually very simple: not keeping contact details up to date, such as their email address, or, their payment details have expired and subsequently their account is suspended – but only after we’ve sent several emails to warn them! Simple stuff and very easily rectified…

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We also offer telephone based support, so if you need to speak to someone urgently you can call us on:

0207 183 20 30