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Managed Dedicated Servers

Tel: 0800 542 9764
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KDA’s Dedicated Hosting solutions provide first class full or partial management and support…

…but with so many dedicated web hosting providers to choose from, what makes KDA stand head and shoulders above the rest? Briefly:

  • Our service continuity assurance is 100% transparent with a minimum 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed with compensation should we ever fail to meet the targets set out in our service level agreement (SLA).
  • Top quality branded hardware, chosen for its ultra-reliability and longevity.
  • Ultra-secure dedicated server: All our managed servers come with their primary storage configured with hardware RAID Level 1 as standard, this means that all data written to the hard disk is also mirrored to a second drive, providing you with an extra layer of protection against hard disk failure. We can also provide RAID Level 5, 6 or 10 on request – please ask for details (find out more about our ultra-secure servers)
  • Our secure UK location is temperature controlled and monitored 24-7-365.
  • Your own UK dedicated server, exclusively for your use, customised to your exact requirements with any combination of server hardware and software.
  • The flexibility to expand and upgrade as your business grows.
  • No surprises – all hardware, software and KDA management services are price-fixed annually – one straightforward monthly fee.
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Experts available on call whenever you need help.

If you choose a fully-managed server, we take care of everything, you simply use us like a normal shared hosting account.

If you choose a partially-managed server, we take care of the big issues such as OS updates, fixing hardware issues, and helping you with troubleshooting. You take care of the day to day matters.

It’s simple – you need to focus on growing your business. You can do that when you hand over the technical aspects of running your own servers to KDA. We’ll help ensure you save time, money, and eliminate hosting-related stress!

Dedicated Server Packages


Dedicated Server Packages

Feature DS-1 DS-2
Number of CPUs 1 2
Type AMD Opteron AMD Opteron
Model (Speed) 6128 (2Ghz) 6128 (2Ghz)
The speed is that of each CPU core (shown below), so for a total CPU Core count of 8, you effectively have 8 x 2Ghz of CPU processing power.
Total Cache 12MB 24MB
CPU cache is used to store frequently accessed data directly on the CPU for speed of access – A larger cache can be very beneficial for complex database work, where the rows being operated on can potentially all fit in the CPU cache for maximum performance.
Physical Cores 8 16
Each CPU core acts as an indepedent processor executing your code – So with 4 CPU cores 4 lots of code can be executed at exactly the same time, for maximum performance.
Amount 16GB 32GB
Type DDR3 DDR3
Quad Chanel Yes Yes
Primary 300GB with RAID1 600GB with RAID1
Storage Type 15k RPM SAS 15k RPM SAS
SAS Drives are enterprise grade, designed for 24×7 usage, not just 8 hours per day like desktop SATA drives. At 15,000 RPM they spin over twice as fast as an average SATA drive, providing blistering speed to your applications.
Secondary 1TB 2TB
Ample storage space for local backups is provided by a large SATA drive, utilised less than 8 hours per day they are ideal for this task, for quick local backup/restore operations when combined with off-server backups.
Protexia® DataSafe1 50GB 100GB
A Protexia® DataSafe provides you with a fast, secure, encrypted backup service that keeps multiple revisions of your data securely in an off-site location. Additional storage space can be purchased at an affordable rate directly from Protexia®.
True Hardware RAID Yes Yes
True hardware RAID provides a trouble free storage experience compared to software solutions, all calculations are done in hardware, freeing up your CPU and memory for serving your applications.
Hot Swap Drives Yes Yes
In the rare event of a drive failure Hot Swap drives mean they can be replaced without taking your server offline, and much quicker than would normally be possible.
Connection Speed 1Gbit/s 1Gbit/s
Premium Bandwidth Yes Yes
Low Peak Utilisation2 Yes Yes
Included Transfer 400GB 800GB
Operating System
Linux CentOS 6 CentOS 6
64bit Software Yes Yes
Rebootless Yes Yes
Your server is installed with KSplice, a technology designed to apply critical OS updates to the system without requiring reboots – allowing your application to be up and secure at all times.
cPanel®/WHM If Required If Required
As a cPanel® “Partner NOC” for over 8 years and users for over 10 years we can provide you with the world leading cPanel web hosting automation system if you are planning on running multiple domains and web sites on your server.
Service Level Agreements3
Service Level Standard Business
Uptime Yes (99.9%) Yes (99.9%)
Hardware Replacement Yes Yes
Setup £200 £300
Semi-Managed (Monthly) £250 £375
Fully-Managed (Monthly) £350 £475
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Please feel free to contact us for free on 0800 542 9764 with any questions or queries regarding our partially managed or managed dedicated servers.


KDA provide secure continuity-assured dedicated hosting, tailored to your needs now and in the future