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Cloud Servers

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Here at KDA we’re making the cloud a lot simpler for you to implement and budget for by working on a block based system. We bundle up the various cloud resources in a block, and you purchase as many blocks as you need, up to a maximum of 8 per cloud server. Each block gives you the following cloud resources:

  • 20% CPU Share
  • 1GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 10GB SSD Accelerated FastSAN
  • 100GB Data Transfer

You can add or remove blocks at any time with just the click of a mouse, allowing you to scale your needs with and peaks in demand; this enabled you to streamline costs and efficiently manage your computing resources.

High Availability

Our cloud servers run on a true cloud platform using redundant highly available storage with the latest in SSD caching for maximum speed.

Our cloud service is self healing, if the hardware your cloud server is currently running on experiences a problem then it is automatically migrated and back online within minutes or often less; all of this is done without any intervention by our advanced cloud hosting platform.

Full Control

At all times you have full control of your cloud server; using our online control panel you can perform reboots, turn your cloud server on and off, request extra IP addresses and even start again from scratch by re-provisioning your cloud server – even choosing a different operating system if you need to.

Every cloud server also comes with full access to its video and keyboard, so you can your server start up and work on it in the event of a problem e.g. your firewall has locked you out.

No Contracts

We don’t force you in to any lengthy contracts, you just pay from month to month. Although if you want to pay up front for a year then we’ll give you a month free as a thank you.

Simply pick how many blocks you want, if you need any optional software or management services and away you go, on to the cloud.

Cloud Servers

Service Price
Cloud Block (monthly) £20
Basic Management (monthly) £50
Advanced Management (monthly) £100
cPanel® (monthly) £10
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