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An Open Letter to Digital Region

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As a small business based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire we take an active interest in what is happening in the region, especially when it comes to anything technology related.  When Digital Region was announced in 2009 we looked forward to seeing the whole of South Yorkshire provided with world-beating broadband speeds and thought what a great asset it would be for the region.  Unfortunately as things progressed slowly we began to realise that it wasn’t going to be all that we had hoped for, especially when we looked at the commercials from an ISP perspective.

Jumping forward a few years we recently tried to get ourselves connected to Digital Region as our current broadband provider (Be There) have had a number of issues over the last year and we’ve had enough and Origin Broadband were offering a “max” product that could see our very short line achieve speeds of >100Mbit/s down and >20Mbit/s up.  Unfortunately this just highlighted how wrong things are with Digital Region at the moment and we can no longer hold back our thoughts on the whole issue.  With this in mind, we have written an open letter to Digital Region which you can find below:

An Open Letter to Digital Region (pdf, ~310KB).

We really want to see Digital Region succeed and fulfil its initial promises, we hope that this will spark useful and interesting debate on the subject and lead to changes and improvements at all levels.

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