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Secure Offsite Data Backups – For Servers and PCs

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How do you backup?

Hopefully the answer isn’t “we don’t”, hopefully you at least take backups to a server in your office, or to disk and keep it in a fire safe.

Data is the key to all businesses, without it there often is no business left, or it soon goes out of business quickly after a data loss – so looking at backups is something you should do right now if you haven’t, and if you have then you should review the situation every year to make sure your current system still meets your needs. Could you survive without payroll data? Without your customer lists? Without your inventory data? Without your emails? Work in progress?

Not just servers

It’s not just servers you should think about taking backups of either, more often than not employees will store critical data on their desktop and laptop PCs, even if company policy says not to. Even if all of your data is stored on a server, you need to think carefully about where you back it up to – we’ve seen a lot of people fall in to the trap of, “Well it’s got RAID so it’s fine” or “It’s got a USB drive attached to it” and leave it at that. RAID isn’t a backup mechanism and a locally attached USB drive isn’t going to help when it’s burnt to a crisp with your server, under 2ft of water or in the back of someones van!

We have the solution!

This is where we can help you, we are proud to announce the launch of our new Protexia® DataSafe backup service providing affordable, secure data backups for servers, desktops and laptops.

  • Secure: Files are encrypted before leaving your machine with AES, TwoFish or 3DES and sent to us over a secure encrypted data connection
  • Fast: Files are compressed before sending, only changes are sent
  • Flexible: You can have multiple backup sets with different backup schedules and retention policies
  • Cross Platform: Supports Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Easy To Use: Windows and Mac have easy to use graphical interfaces for managing backups from the machine and all clients get a web based interface for managing backups and restoring files
  • Databases: Supports backup of MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL Databases
  • Email: Supports Lotus Notes and brick level MS Exchange Backup

We are providing free 30-day trials of Protexia® DataSafe with 50GB of storage space ahead of our full launch. Once you’re happy with the service at the end of the trial you would pay:

  • £20/month + VAT for the first 50GB
  • £15/month + VAT for subsequent 50GB blocks

If you have any questions about the service or backups in general then please contact us.

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