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Network Upgrades

Tel: 0800 542 9764

On the evening of Saturday 16th April from 22:00 we will be performing essential network upgrades and maintenance. This is work that we hoped to have completed before we began moving any equipment from one facility to another, but unfortunately due to lengthy delays in the supply of some essential equipment this was not possible.

As part of this work we will be installing new Juniper Networks routers and switches to upgrade our routing capability. For the curious amongst you we will be using Juniper MX80 and EX4200 routers and switches.

The main bulk of the work that is service affecting will be migrating customer VLANs from the old routers they are terminated on, to the new equipment. The impact on service should be no more than 5 minutes per VLAN in two phases and we expect much less if everything goes to plan and as per our testing.

Please accept our apologies for the relatively short notice of these works, we would not be performing them at this time if it were not 100% necessary at this time. If you have any questions at all please do let us know.

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