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Phone calls about SSL renewal – Misrepresentation

Tel: 0800 542 9764

Unfortunately it’s a sad sign of the times that we’ve had customers report to us that they are getting calls about renewing their SSL certificates they have purchased through ourselves – there’s nothing unusual in that you might think, but there is when they are claiming to be from either ourselves or the issuing authority for the majority of our SSL certificates (Comodo).

What we’d ask is that if you do get such a call, you find out as much information as possible i.e. telephone number from them, email address or what company they are really calling from – as obviously we don’t like people fraudulently mis-representing themselves to our customers and we don’t want our customers being sold sub-standard certificates or getting a sub-standard service for their SSL certificates.

So please, if you’ve been contacted or get contacted let us know. If you’re the company behind this and you’re reading this then I’d quit whilst you’re ahead :)

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