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It’s raining hardware from the cloud

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As promised, we’ve got some pictures of some of the hardware we’re using in our cloud hosting platform that will be used to support our business class web hosting as well as provide cloud based solutions to you. I apologise for some of the pictures – even with 5MP the iPhone still isn’t quite the great photo taking tool it should be for the money.

First up we have some factory fresh ECC memory – 192GB to be precise:

Next up we have one of our SAN head end boxes, probably the most important component in the whole of the cloud platform:

Inside the SAN head end boxes we’re using Adaptec 5805 and 5085 SAS RAID Cards – These provide us with 8 x Internal SAS ports, as well as two x12 SAS expansion ports for connecting up disk trays to. Once we’re done testing we’ll be adding disk trays with up to 24 x 15k 450GB SAS drives per tray.

The next most important components and the ones that will actually run the cloud computing are the hypervisor boxes, here you can see two of them next to each other (minus CPUs):

Just in case anything should go wrong, we have our backup NAS system, I don’t have a picture of the 1U head end box, but we do have pictures of the 24 bay disk trays that we’ll be using for them:

That’s all for now. When we get a minute we’ll get some pictures of all the kit racked up for you, and maybe even some video (we know a lot of you like flashy lights :))

2 thoughts on “It’s raining hardware from the cloud

  1. Magnum

    Video with flashing lights, cool. :)

    … then again, I’m easily impressed.

    Just out of curiosity what brand of hard drives are you using for this rig?

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