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Get an EV SSL Certificate for £99.95/year

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That’s right, you can now get an Extended Validation (EV) SSL security certificate for only £99.95 + VAT per year! That’s a saving of over £250 on a 2 year certificate.

What is an EV SSL?

Extended Validation Certificates are designed to work with web browsers since Internet Explorer Version 7 (and Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari) and provide users with a green address bar and scrolling information next to the address bar displaying who the certificate is registered to and who issued it as well as that the business is registered with the correct government bodies. This provides instant reassurance to visitors using a compatible browser that your site is secure and trustworthy – just like they see when they login to their online banking.

Why would I want an EV SSL?

These certificates are designed to provide absolute peace of mind for their users. They are issued under strict validation by all issuers to ensure that they are only issued to the company whose name they are issued in and that the department/person requesting the certificate has authority to do so – meaning that rogue employees and criminal gangs cannot get an EV SSL issued in your company name and commit fraud.

If you’re carrying out online sales then an Extended Validation SSL is the ultimate in confidence for your users that you are whom you say you are and that their data will be safe in transit to you.

If you’d like to order an EV SSL then please email us – sales@support.kdaws.com or alternatively, if you’d just like a standard SSL certificate then we can offer those as well, you can find more information about them on our SSL certificates page.

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