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Upgraded shared hosting and it’s nearly party time.

Tel: 0800 542 9764

Next month it will be 10 years since we started KDA, in the first of our birthday year celebrations we’re doubling the data transfer on our shared web hosting packages. So now you’ll get:

  • VH-Lite: 2GB
  • VH-1: 10GB
  • VH-2: 20GB
  • VH-3: 50GB
  • VH-4: 100GB
  • VH-5: 200GB

of monthly data transfer allowance on your chosen package.

As we think we’re an honest and decent provider who treats our customers well, we won’t just be restricting this deal to new customers – If you’re an existing customer and you’d like to jump on this deal then you’re more than welcome to do so, even for your existing accounts – In fact we positively encourage you to take up one of our new web hosting packages.

Not only will you get an increased data transfer allowance, you’ll also gain access to our latest hosting technology, including cPanel v11.25 hosted on our cloud computing platform as well as the option of taking a full package deal from us, the full package includes:

  • A free .uk domain name (not .gov.uk or .ac.uk unfortunately)
  • A free SSL certificate
  • A reduced equivalent monthly fee

So what do you have to do to get our full package? Just pay for your package up-front for a year and you get your free .uk domain name, free SSL certificate and 2 months free hosting each year, it doesn’t get any easier then that.

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