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Don’t miss your big opportunity…

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I’ve just been sat at home watching High Street Dreams I thought I’d check out the web sites of the two people featured on the program and unfortunately for both of them they appear to have missed a massive opportunity by not being prepared with their web sites.

First up we have Beryl Ware – which unfortunately greeted me with a “Service Unavailable” message. Whilst they may have got their product in order, they’ve neglected the massive opportunity of being featured on BBC1 at 9pm, by not having adequate web hosting in place – Rule #1 if you’re going to be featured somewhere major, talk to your web host, make the most of every person who puts your name in Google.

Next up we have Claire English where the situation appears to be even worse, not a trace on the first few pages of Google – The only Claire we get is Claire’s Accessories. Even if you don’t think you can meet the massive interest an opportunity may generate, don’t alienate potential customers – If you can’t meet their demand/order right now, be honest with them, they may wait or they may come back some other time for another of your products, but not if they can’t find you.

As the old saying goes, “fail to prepare and prepare to fail” – Taking every opportunity presented to you is vital, especially in the current economic climate, you can’t afford to miss a marketing opportunity like this.

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