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Why Choose Us?

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Now that you’ve found us, we’d like to help make the decision to choose our web hosting service as straightforward as possible, so we’ve put together a few questions that every web hosting company should be able to answer – not just us!

Is your host in control?

Exactly who is in control of the business? It’s common practice for a chain of providers to be involved, typically:

  • your host purchases from company A
  • who is renting servers from company B
  • who rents rack space from company C
  • who rents floor space from company D
  • who rents the facility from company E
  • who (finally) owns and maintains the facility!

Confused? Just imagine what it’d be like if any one of these companies gets into financial trouble, your business could suffer whilst administrators work our what is going on.

KDA Web Services do not depend on a chain of providers. We own all our own equipment, which is installed in one of our 3 facilities safe and sound maintained by specialists in their field.

Is your host experienced; are they in it for the long-term?

Does your host have the relevant experience needed to run a highly-technical business such as website hosting? Over recent years, many web hosting businesses have popped up, reselling web space from other companies, with no technical expertise in place for when things go wrong.

KDA has been providing reliable web hosting services since 2000 (read client testimonials). You’ll be dealing directly with technical experts who have the experience to foresee potential problems before they have a chance to evolve.

Everything we do, everything we plan, is for the long term stability of our business, and therefore, your business too. From our choice of high quality hardware through to our decision to deal as direct as possible with providers, our careful planning helps to ensure that as few people and events as possible can ever have a major impact on our business – if something does happen, it happens because we want it to.

We’re not in business to rack-up customer numbers for a quick sell off or cut corners to maximise profit, we diligently plan for long-term stable growth – thus providing you with the stability you need to grow your own business.

Is your host customer-focused?

It’s not easy or quick to change providers so why do the big players spend vast amounts of money on advertising each year? The obvious answer could be that they have problems retaining their customers due to poor service and therefore need to attract a constant new supply!

You’ll be pleased to hear that we spend our ‘advertising budget’ (and more) on keeping our customers happy – most have been with us for more than five years, some since we started in 2000.

Is that "100% SLA" genuine?

If a web host package offers a 100% uptime SLA, beware! Look carefully at the numbers and you’ll notice that compensation often starts once five minutes have passed, which actually equals 99.988%, not 100% as promised.

Our SLAs pay out when the service exceeds one of the limits, so if we say 99.99% we mean 99.99%, not 99.99% minus five minutes (99.978%), or any other figure, just an honest 99.99%.

Are you just a number?

If your website hosting provider is a big player, typically, you’re just an entry in their accounts and nothing more (except they may be building up a large customer base so they can sell you on for a profit to an even larger company!)

On the contrary, we believe in developing long term relationships, helping you grow your business along the way. As your business grows, our business benefits too – many of our customers have been with us for over five years and have multiple accounts and/or servers with us. So rest assured, KDA is here for the long term, with stable growth mapped out for years ahead. You’ll always be an important customer, never a number.

Does it sound too good to be true?

There is a glut of web hosting companies offering cheap and cheerful services i.e. dedicated hosting for £30/month or 100GB of web space for £2/month, but what quality of service are you going to receive?

Our high quality hardware RAID cards cost more than most people spend on an entire server, and that’s without paying any other costs (power, staff, connectivity or the rest of the server components). We invest in the best equipment so that we can offer the most reliable service possible. Your business depends on continuity and that’s exactly what you’ll get by choosing KDA as your web host provider (see our Hosting Plans).

Does your host limit numbers?

Many hosts will squeeze several hundred hosting accounts onto each of their low performance servers. Combined with over-subscribing resources, this can lead to many problems for your web site, especially at peak times.

Here at KDA Web Services we place a maximum of 100 accounts per hosting node so that your web site can always perform at its best.

Hassle-free hosting – that’s our promise