KDA knocks spots off the competition for their commitment to customer service and is the only host that has consistently delivered to us on their service level guarantees.Etre

Our Servers

Tel: 0800 542 9764

One area that sets us apart from all other host providers is our attention to detail regarding our servers; we spare no expense in building the best server we can for your budget and each is tailored to meet your needs.

We follow a few simple rules when custom-building your server:

  1. rack mount servers – no desktops
  2. hardware RAID – no single-drive servers
  3. hot-swap drives – no fixed drives
  4. passively cooled CPUs – no CPU fans
  5. remotely controlled for total piece of mind

And here’s why we stick to our rules:

No desktops
We only use quality 19″ rack mount servers, designed for 24-7 operation, with optimal cooling efficiency and component layout, which ensures a long life and reliable service. We avoid PC style servers because they get too hot – just like your PC does in the summer!
No single-drive servers
A single drive in a server is a single point of failure and puts your data at risk. With a minimum of RAID Level 1 (Disk Mirroring) using hardware RAID controllers, we reduce the risk to your data.
No fixed drives
Our servers use ‘hot-swap’ drive bays, these allow us to remove a drive from a server without having to power it down, so if a drive were to fail, we can easily replace it within minutes with no downtime to your server.
No fans on CPUs
Fans on CPUs can be the biggest causes of downtime, quite simply, if the fan stops, the CPU gets too hot. Our servers are fitted with large copper heat-sinks, which are cooled by several redundant fans inside the case – so if a fan were to fail there are others to keep on cooling.
No loss of control
Control is everything, which is why our servers are equipped with the means to reset their incoming power remotely, just in case they ever lock up and become unresponsive due to an operating system error. All of our servers are also connected to our KVMoIP system, which allows us to remotely control the keyboard, video and mouse inputs on the server, as if we were there, sat in front of it.

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