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Our High Speed Network

Tel: 0800 542 9764

As one of the fastest and most reliable hosting companies in the UK* you can feel confident that we pay great attention to detail when it comes to our network, choosing our connectivity partners carefully to ensure performance continuity.

On the technical side, our network is BGP4 routed, with routing firmly in our control. Because we don’t rely on one connectivity provider, if we need to reroute your data due to difficulties elsewhere on the Internet, we can. In this business, control is everything!

Level(3) Communications

As one of the largest connectivity providers in the world, Level(3) are the obvious choice for us, providing excellent connectivity to America.

NTT Communications

NTT is one of the world’s largest connectivity providers ensuring excellent connectivity to the Asia/Pacific region.

Goscomb Technologies

Goscomb provide us with “1-hop” access to 100’s of peers on the Amsterdam, London & Paris Internet Exchanges, allowing us to provide even faster connectivity to your end users.


Datahop are a fast growing provider with a fibre network expanding in to Europe, they provide us with some excellent connectivity to many companies such as Sprint in America.

Cogent Communications

Cogent are probably best known for their competitive Internet access for business users in the USA, but have a large global fibre optic network. We use them for fast access to their directly connected global customer base.

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